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School Code of Conduct
School Code of Conduct

MCS is a community of learning where all members act so that people feel safe and secure.

The purpose of the school is learning.
All members will come to school prepared to support their learning and the learning of others.

Teachers prepare relevant and engaging programs based on the Ontario Curriculum and the needs of the students.

Students and staff practice positive learning behaviours by being:  punctual, organized, responsible and courteous.

Students learn by assuming roles of responsibility within the school.

Parents:  Through involvement in the school community and support for their children’s learning, parents strengthen the learning of their children.

All members of the community show respect for the feelings, space and property of themselves and others regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation, or any other attribute.
All members show respect for reasonable rules, and for those in authority.
All members show respect for others by using non-violent means to resolve conflict.

Members show respect for the school buildings and grounds and will help the custodial staff to keep them clean, safe and welcoming. (Desks and lockers are considered school property and a search of such property is permissible by school administration based on reasonable grounds.) (Administrators may ask students to open up personal backpacks or handbags and remove shoes and socks when there are reasonable grounds to believe that a student is carrying stolen property, a dangerous weapon, or an illegal weapon, or an illegal substance.)

A joint problem solving approach is taken to find a solution when it becomes necessary to refer a student to administration for misbehaviour.

The school has developed procedures that consider prevention, intervention and clearly outlined consequences. Staff and administration believe in clear communication between home and school when considering student misbehaviour.
Cumulative records of student discipline are kept and persistent misbehaviour is dealt with appropriately.

The Safe Schools Act, provides for Progressive Discipline procedures which will focus on corrective and supportive measures to address disciplinary issues.  Our Safe schools committee consisting of Kara Bowles, Hugh Morrison, Bob Sewell, Mrs. Love, and Nancy Knight meet regularly to discuss initiatives to combat bullying.