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About Our School
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General Information

Dress Code
Our school dress code requires that students wear appropriate clothing.  No bra straps or underwear showing, and no inappropriate messages on t-shirts.  Shorts should be at least fingertip length when the arm is down and midriffs are not to be seen.  Shoes are required at all times inside and outside the school.  

School Policies no%20cell%20phone.gif
Electronic Devices-  Cell phones, digital cameras are prohibited here at school.  Please do not send them with your students.  If they are accompanying your child for safety reasons they must be out of sight and off during the school day.  If a student is using these electronic devices during school time ( including breaks and recesses), we will ask you to pick up the article in the office. IPods, MP3 players and hand held gaming systems are also restricted.  If your child uses these devices during school hours, without teacher permission, we will ask you to pick up the article as well. We are concerned about theft and bullying behaviour and want our school environment to be safe for all.
Locked doors-  The safety of our students is one of the most important aspects of our jobs as educators.  As a school we feel that the current entry policy is not sufficient to guarantee the safety of all.  Therefore we locked all exterior doors throughout the school day except the front entrance.  During recess breaks, the primary and gr. 7 entrance will be reopened so students have access to washrooms.  The primary doors will also be opened at 8:30 am for breakfast club.  Parents that are picking up their children throughout the day or at the end of the day need to come through the front entrance doors as all other entrances will be locked.

Nut allergy
Food Allergiesclip_image002.gifWe have students in the school who suffer from a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, nuts and nut products. We ask your cooperation by not sending any snacks or lunches with your child that contains peanuts, nuts and nut products. Students who have severe allergies to food substances are exposed to a health risk when peanut products are consumed in their environment or shared with them.  A child may easily transfer peanut butter from his/her hands to the skin of the child at risk.  Children may also come in contact with it from tabletops and books that another child has touched.  Please speak to your child about not sharing their snacks with other children.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated so that we make MCS a safe environment.

Safe Schools
The Safe Schools Act, provides for Progressive Discipline procedures which will focus on corrective and supportive measures to address disciplinary issues.  A safeschool committee made up of community members, staff, student and administration is currently a part of school life.  These members include Kara Bowles, Hugh Morrison, Bob Sewell, Paul Wehrle, Danielle Carson, Greg Smith and Lynn Love.  

Clubs and Teams
We offer many different clubs and teams here at MCS:  Cross Country Running, Volleyball, Basketball, Intramurals, Track and Field, Hiphop, Math tutorials, Chess club, After school ski and snowboarding at Blue Mountain, and many more!  Get involved with your school!

Last Modified: Apr 05, 2011
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