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Bully Free Zone

How to distinguish telling from tattling:

Don't tell - If it is going to get someone in trouble.
If Johnny is wearing his hat in from recess to the coat hook area, you don't need to tell. He isn't hurting anyone or causing danger. When a teacher catches him he will learn from his mistake.
                                                                                            bully 1.jpg                   
Do tell - If it is going to get someone out of danger.If Becky is being made fun of and pushed around by one or more other students, you can get her out of danger by telling an adult.
                                                                                     bully 2.jpg
Do tell - If it is going to get someone in and out of trouble.
If Cameron is trying to trip students as they walk through the door you can help these students and maybe prevent a serious injury by telling an adult.
                                                                                         bully 3.jpg

Good Talk
Here are 3 questions students, teachers & parents should all ask themselves before they are going to say something:
  • Is it true?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it kind?
If you answer no to even one of these questions, then you really don't need to say it, or you need to think of another way to say it.

Feel Good About Yourself
It is important to feel good about yourself. Here are 4 qualities we all should have:
  • A strong sense of self - You need to be proud of the person you are & always stick up for your beliefs & values in life (I like myself).
  • Being a good friend - It is important that you treat others as you would like to be treated & that your friends can trust you always.
  • Having at least one good friend - A good friend is someone you can trust, someone you know who will always be there for you through thick & thin.
  • Being able to successfully get into a group, & get out - It is important that you know how to ask others if you can play or hang out with them, but if they start doing things that you don't with, you also need to stick to your values & get out of the group.